Lighting & Fan Manufacturer - Annual Membership - Primary Brand

Lighting & Fan Manufacturer - Annual Membership - Primary Brand

 We are so glad to have you join the LSA and our community of support and empowerment for the independent network of lighting showrooms in the United States and Canada! Membership in the LSA gives you exclusive access to content and programs specifically geared to managing the challenges of being a brick and mortar lighting & fan distributor. 


The LSA is a 501(c)(6) membership trade association as filed with the United States Internal Revenue Service with a mission to advance the decorative lighting and ceiling fan industry via a collaborative network of independent retailers. 


By applying for membership, you verify the following: 

Your business is actively engaged in the lighting industry in the United States and Canada and provides goods to further that industry including but not limited to light fixtures, fans, and light sources. 


Membership is by organization and allows up to three team members of your choice access to the online, closed discussion groups and all future members only events and content online or in person that are not designated as showroom-only.